I've had this site going on 11 years, truth be told, it was never successful, and I suppose I never wanted it to be, Web Design was nothing more than a hobby. Everything I have done in those years, was all self taught, spending hours and hours on the computer going over code, perfecting it, and completely trashing it and starting over. Teaching myself CSS, opened up a huge world of possibilities for me to create amazing websites, and I infact did create a large amount of CSS based websites, that never saw the light of day, and were really my eyes only. PHP was a struggle at first, but I began to grasp the concept, and I was creating personal PHP Scripts for myself, which i then used on live websites, and I was pretty happy about the end result.

But as time went on, seeing the fast changes, and huge "improvements" over website design, the coding, the way things were put together, had all changed. It all became overwhelming, and while time went on, and me getting older, I lost the ambition to keep going, because, well..for the simple fact, I didn't want to relearn all of HTML, and the new CSS, and all the new PHP codes, all the stuff I had coded and designed in the past years, quickly became obsolete and vulnerable to security attacks. I could not see the point in relearning everything I knew again, just to keep up with the "new web standard", it just didnt seem worth it.

So I got into another type of design, the world of 3D, granted its far different than web design, and took a little longer to learn, but once I did, I was hooked, and still am. So instead of creating websites, I went the Content Management System route, and jumped on the Wordpress bandwagon. I thought, this would be easier, so I could focus on 3D design, and post my work.

Well, life changed. as it always does, and when you least expect it. I became a father, so my computer time, as well as my 3D design time took a major hit. Within a years time, I maybe produced 2-3 3D scenes, which still sit on this computer, and only I, and my family have seen. This website became barren, and lifeless. Posting every 6 or so months. Only to realize, this site really isnt hitting any target audience i'd hope for, the majority of hits I get on this website are all 3rd world countries. All related to spam. my admin login is brute forced thousands of times daily. email too.

So with all of that said, I think its safe to say, its been a fun ride, but I no longer have the energy, or time to keep this up, and with the amount of spam/hacking attempts daily, I see no point in continuing, my twitter @enflictednet will still be active, and I will try and post my art, and scenes there for anyone who wishes to see them.